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In addition to providing the most popular treatments associated with salons and spas, Moya has also created signature treatments and products unique to the Moya range. As a follow up to developing one of the leading local Spa brands, Moya launched their Signature Treatment. “The Moya Crystal Massage” takes all the best that Moya and Africa has to offer, and combines them together to provide a unique experience for the client. This synergy not only works in harmony with every client and their differing needs, but sets the Spa that offers this treatment, apart. This is something truly different; that adds a special touch to every treatment menu.

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Since the development of “The Moya Crystal Massage” Moya are happy to launch a brand new treatment offering: The “Moya Pregnancy Experience”. The Moya Pregnancy Experience has revitalising effect on the body whilst calming and soothing the mind , using our truly unique African indigenous oils to nourish and restore the body during pregnancy , incorporating our specially formulated products for expectant mums , we aim to make this the ultimate spa experience.

By offering this treatment, we aspire to further advance the Moya African Body Treatments to a new level and to keep us on a par with other leading international brands.
Our aim as always, is to keep it truly African in concept and design , making it yet again a unique and signature treatment of the Moya brand.

Other Moya Signature treatments that we have developed for 5-star resort Spa’s are “The Fynbos Feast” for The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa and the “Cedarburg Surrender” for Bushmans Kloof Retreat. View The Sanctuary Group for more information.