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Moya understands the continuous changes the body goes through during pregnancy and with these come the change in temperament , Moya appreciates thus have created the ultimate tailor-made Spa experience for expecting mums .

A choice of any 3 out of our 5 Pregnancy Experience treatments , make up an 1hr30 minutes of pure indulgence and because you have the choice on the day , it will suit both the physical demands your body is making , as well as soothing the temperament.

The Moya Pregnancy experience has revitalising effect on the body whilst calming and soothing the mind , using our truly unique African indigenous oils to nourish and restore the body during pregnancy , incorporating our specially formulated products for expectant mums , we aim to make this the ultimate spa experience…


Moya Mini- Pedicure Experience – 30 minutes
A mini-pedicure to nourish the feet and maintain well groomed feet throughout pregnancy.(incl. nail varnish)

Moya Mini-Manicure Experience – 30 minutes
A relaxing , calming and soothing treatment for the hands to maintain their well groomed appearance throughout pregnancy.(excl.nail varnish)

Moya Relaxing Back Experience – 30 minutes
A combination of massage techniques to ease back aches and muscle tension with gentle flowing movements , using our uniquely designed therapy bed for mums to be , it has a special hole for the tummy.Moya Massage Butter is the first for massaging with and calms , relaxes and soothes the senses.

Moya tension Alleviating Head Experience – 30 minutes
A deeply relaxing head massage to de-stress the scalp , including Specialised lymph drainage to improve the radiance of the face. Whilst The Moya pregnancy Hair Treatment Oil , nourishes the Hair and Scalp.

Moya Foot Experience – 30 minutes
A relaxing and soothing foot massage to alleviate swollen and painful feet , leaving you ready to face another day. The Moya Refreshing Foot Gel is a must leaving your feet feeling brand new.

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