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The Moya Crystal Massage is a unique whole body experience created in the heart of Africa and is proudly South African from the essence of the indigenous oils that are used to pamper the body; to the energy of the native crystals which are mined locally to balance ones energy.

To increase circulation and assist with the penetration of massage oils, the Moya Crystal Massage begins with a vigorous salt rub. Breathing and stretching movements follow - soothing, relaxing and focusing the mind - whilst negative energy is released when crystal placement aligns the body’s chakras

Understanding the differing needs of men and women, Moya has carefully selected a unique ‘his’ and ‘hers’ blend for use in this hour-and-a-quarter long treatment. The therapeutic effects of the indigenous Cape Geranium, Ginger and Lavender leave men feeling relaxed yet simultaneously re-energised, whilst the mix of Cape Chamomile - which is known to relieve stress, depression and premenstrual symptoms, improve circulation and boasts sedative properties – used together with Mandarin and Lavender works to calm and soothe the fairer sex. By using this combination of Fynbos-rich Moya oils together with African-mined crystals and a unique mix of light, flowing massage movements, including cool crystal face drainage, this luxurious top-to-toe massage treatment works to alleviate stress and promote wellness by balancing the body’s energy fields in a uniquely all - African way.

This is a 90min escape from reality. A rebalancing , relaxing and de-stressing journey to re-energise the body, mind and spirit.

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