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This is a stress-reducing treatment which soothes and relaxes the scalp, whilst combating the effects of stress and tension and encouraging a healthy scalp.

This treatment incorporates two techniques: Hair Pulling (which releases endorphins, combating migraines and headaches) and Indian Head Massage Techniques (to stimulate the circulation and to encourage healthy shiny hair.) Leaving the client with a sense of absolute euphoria.

As the guest relaxes, the therapist applies a Hair Treatment Oil with Cape Geranium to the scalp and begins with a stimulating massage sequence to increase the circulation of the scalp and thereby stimulating the production of the scalp’s natural oils.

Then the therapist applies a calming, soothing Cape Chamomile Hair Mask to the hair and massages the scalp with slow rhythmical movements to calm and soothe.

A totally indulgent experience from beginning to end on the head, which is often neglected as one of the body’s stress centres whilst the Moya essential oils work at calming and soothing from within.

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